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In English/about Paul Ronge

Doctor’s promotion 2023 Dr h.c. Paul Ronge

I have 20 years of journalistic experience having worked for Swedish dailies, such as Aftonbladet and Expressen, and the Swedish public service broadcaster SVT. Since 1998 I have used this wealth of experience as a PR consultant to provide large companies and organizations with high-quality media and crisis management. During this period I have become one of the most frequently appointed spokespersons for my industry.
My specialty is crisis management under extreme stress, where there are really no “do-it-by-the-book” guidelines available.

I have a comprehensive knowledge of the Swedish media, and I can provide accurate media and key message training to international companies and organizations with business (or that intend to do business) in Sweden.

I have written two books in Swedish on the subjects of media training, namely, crisis management and social media.

I have put together a seminar on social media entitled “How to handle a social media crisis.” I have also held this seminar in English for an international company, highlighting examples of social media crises all over the world.

On a regular basis I hold  courses on crisis management for international students at JMG, the University of Gothenburg, entitled ” The Public Pillory in Crisis Management”.

April 2023 I was named Honorary doctor at University of Gothenburg’s Faculty of Social Sciences.

I speak French and I can make myself understood in Spanish.

You can reach me on

+46 70 571 64 74

or email me at

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