Medieträning, medierådgivning och krishantering

In English/ about Paul Ronge

I have 20 years of journalistic experience, in Swedish dailys as Aftonbladet and Expressen, and Swedish broadcasting public service company SVT, which I have used since 1998, as a PR-consultant, to provide high quality media and crisis management to large companies and organizations. During this period I have accomplished to be one of the most frequently appointed spokes persons of my line of business.
My specialty is crisis management performed under extreme stress where there is really no ”do it by the book”-guidelines available.

I have a comprehensive knowledge of Swedish media and I can provide accurate media and key message training to international companies and organizations with business (or who intend to make business) in Sweden.

I have written two books in Swedish targeting the subjects of media training – crisis management and social media.

Currently I have elaborated a seminar on social media: ”How do you handle a crisis in social media”. I have also recently performed this seminar in English for an international company, highlighting social media crisis examples all over the world.

I speak French and I can make myself understood in Spanish.

You reach me on:

+4670-571 64 74 (Sweden)

+33 620 98 77 82 /France